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Growth Season!

Who doesn't like Summer? It's sunny, colorful, and nice and hot. Summer gives us the

opportunity to take in the sun, be outdoors, go swimming, barbecue, and overall enjoy family and friends out in the sun. I love Summer and everything about it!

Though Summer is one of my personal favorite seasons, I have discovered that GROWING is my all-time favorite season. A Growth season brings forth new opportunities. Growing is something that can be done in any area of our lives. Intellectual growth, mental growth, physical growth, and lifestyle growth, are in my opinion the most crucial areas where every individual should focus on growing in.

One might ask, "but Rockii, how do you begin growing in any of these areas?" Believe it or not the answer to that question is simple and perplexing! It's a CHOICE! That's it, one small choice, a decision that can possibly change the rest of your life. Of course, everything is always easier said than done. Nothing comes without hard work, persistence, dedication, commitment, and consistency. Everything in life is a product of all those things I just mentioned. "Rockii, where can I begin to grow?" Start small! Make a "small goals" list and go down your list one by one, don't get overwhelmed when you do something and FAIL at it. Failure is beautiful, because it gives us the opportunity to look at our mistakes and get up and do it better the next time.

Personal Growth is a journey, a journey that is taken alone, that is why it's personal. Growing in any area of our lives require a tad bit of isolation. Of course, there's probably someone watching you as you embark in your growth journey. Sometimes the public we have watching us, might have THEIR OWN opinions of our PERSONAL journey. It is important to practice detachment from others' opinions of our lives. It is imperative to do this before commencing in this Season of Growth. Let's not let others' opinions of OUR PERSONAL Growth Season cloud our beautiful journey. Rainbows and butterflies are the only things allowed in our Season of Growth.

No matter what you do in life or don't do, someone will always have something negative to say. This is a friendly reminder that people project their unhappiness by placing negative judgment on others. Let's make the CHOICE to not be engulfed by such negative behaviors.

I wish everyone the best of luck on Your Personal Season of Growth! Keep going, if you fall, get back up! Remember you are doing this for yourself and nobody else! God Bless you and may he catch you when you fall, because he will place you back up on solid ground!


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