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A Glance of Rockii's History

I was born in San Francisco, CA. At three months my Mother migrated back to her home country of El Salvador. I grew up chasing chickens, and getting chased by chickens. I come from a very, very, very humble place where there was no running water, electricity, or toilets. I remember on rainy days, me and my sisters would get so excited! Mud! Oh Lord, thank you for sending us the mud to play with. We would make mud tortillas, and jump in all the puddles of water. Some of the best memories were spent in the house pictured above. I'm very thankful that my life started out very humble. Gods plans.

I used to wake up at the crack of dawn to go with my mom into the small town. I wish to one day walk over 20 miles in a day again, or not, since I did that for a long time. It's crazy, because while I got to go with my mom, everywhere she went, which don't get me wrong I loved, but I missed my sisters, a lot, there was times I didn't wanna get up and walk for miles, I just wanted to stay home and play with my sisters, but I didn't want my Mom to go alone, so I would always get up and go with her. By the way if you're wondering, I was 6 years old. Meanwhile I'm 100% positive that my sisters missed me and my mom a lot. Living in a third world country is tough, and only the strong in spirit survive, only of course with Gods helping hand. Even though there were sacrifices I had to make at such a young age, my childhood did hinder me from being happy all the time, even when I went for my weekly bust of the lips, after I would trip on the same buried rock, lol you'd think I would learn my lesson, nope!

I come from a place that all I ever saw was a woman working, ALL the time, to provide, and not just for her family, but for whoever needed help. I'm now xx years old (thank you God,) and I have yet to meet someone as SELFLESS as my mother. The woman was born to help and serve others, that has been her calling her whole life. She just has a giving heart, and I am beyond thankful and grateful for that woman, and the example she has given to me and my sisters.

No one could mess with that lady, she was very strict with us, in the way she raised us, and I will forever thank her for her firm hand upon me and my sisters. She disciplined us, because she loves us. Proverbs 3:12 talks about God disciplining who he loves. She has been BOLD in her faith, and was very assertive, when she was doing business. She's a natural born compassionate woman. The lady was brutal on us at times, but over the years I learned that she was just projecting the behaviors that her mom showed her, and let me tell you, my mother was beaten many times by my grandma, so I forgave her for the times she was physically brutal with us, and now looking back, I am totally thankful she did, because now as an adult, I have manners, specially towards older people, which in my personal opinion is something that the newer generations lack. My mother never stopped, I always wondered if she ever got any sleep, I always fell asleep first, I was tired from walking. I definitely cherish every single memory I made with my mama, that bond between me and her can never be broken. I know that all this affected my sisters greatly, and created some trauma, because me and my mom were absent a lot, and dare I say it affected me in a way that they became quite distant from me because they think that my mother favored me, but that is entirely not true at all, my mother and I went through some detrimental stuff in those roads and it was all for my sisters, so they could have food on the table, but they never saw it like that, and over the years I had to make peace with not having a tight sister bond with either of them, now I am okay with that, I still love them very much, but from afar.

My Father lived in California. He worked his butt off to provide for his family from afar as well. If you travel for work for long periods of times, then you know how hard it is to be away for so long from your family. He would drive for 10 days, to go visit. He would stay for months in El Salvador. He built the house in the first picture for us, thank you dad. His efforts and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. My Father worked very hard so he could bring all of us back here to the US. In 1999 he finally had saved enough to bring us all over here. I'm beyond thankful for the existence of my parents.

When we first came back to the U.S we resided in Richmond CA. and let me tell you, it is not an adequate place to raise children. There was always someone getting shot, stabbed, or beat outside our duplex home, and that was scary. After a while, my father bought a house in Modesto Ca.. I remember when I first visited Modesto, I thought to myself, "Where are all the people?" It was so quiet that I wondered if there were any people at all. I have been In Modesto ever since. I went to school in Modesto, I met both of my children's father in Modesto, and I met my now partner in Modesto, so definitely a special little town to me.

I hope you all enjoyed reading a little bit of my history. There was so much more that I didn't want to share, because I want to keep all the good parts to myself.

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