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Citrus Fruits
The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

You  Are What You Eat!

What you put into your body has the ability to make or break you. I am not a dietician or a licensed professional, I am just your average Joe that cares about the well-being of others. If we can ameliorate what we eat then we can ameliorate our overall health. Eating healthy is the road to an overall healthier life filled with abundant energy. These recipes are completely malleable and suited to give you plenty of energy throughout the day and keep you full. I will add more basic recipes as I grow my own palate.


Tofu Marsala Over Rice

This is my TOP favorite dish right here.

It is super yummy, and rich in flavor! All the vegetables come together, with aromatic spices and make this dish the perfect comfort dinner.


Everything Spinach and Rice

Everything Spinach is exactly that!

Sauteed spinach with tomatoes and onions, along with a spinach salad with raw red onions, Tex-Mex croutons, along with of course some vegan dressing and vegan parmesan. 


Taco Tostada

Let's TACObout it please! Impossible meat with some spices, and some liquid smoke, makes the best base layer for this amazing Tostada. Topped it of with some chopped Romain lettuce, Avocado, red onion, and Vegan Parmesan.

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